the plan

I don't know why it has taken me this long to realise or 'get', but I have once again remembered the importance of reading the bible.

The past month I have been dead. A walking zombie. Actually those two descriptions don't describe what I mean at all (see previous post!). What I mean is that I'm exhausted. I'm tired. I'm drained. I don't have much left in the tank and the trip across the country has only just started. Humour me a sec. Close your eyes and imagine I'm going on a trip - driving from Auckland to Croatia (of course my car is one of those new water vehicles that drive on top of the water). Except I've only just made it over the Auckland harbour bridge and my petrol light is on. Sugar. I've hardly started the journey. (Now open your eyes so you can continue reading).

That is how exhausted I am. Drained, completely used up, very tired, have no reserves, falling asleep in my chair. Zero strength here.

And then I heard this analogy of reading the bible:

Reading the bible is like eating food. We all eat food. Some don't need to eat alot with their tiny stomachs, and then some need more. Some loooove food while some are ho-hum about it. Some love to cook while others don't know how. But regardless of all of this, we all need to eat, and we all do eat. Because it's what we do, it's how we survive, it's what gives us strength. Although sometimes our food is pretty bland, unexciting, un-inspiring and simple. But we still eat it. We might have burnt toast for breakfast, a carrot at lunchtime, and then maccaroni cheese for dinner. Doesn't sound very appealing but we still eat it. And then other times we go out and eat a meal at a restaurant. They cook our steak perfectly and they have our favourite dessert on the menu. Wow. And then we go home, go to sleep, wake up the next morning and have our burnt toast again. Even though we just ate some amazing food at dinner, we still need to continue eating the next day. And the day after that. The one amazing meal will not sustain us.

And the same for reading the bible. We need to read the bible daily. Even if we only have a nibble and it's not that tasty. We read a few verses and didn't feel very inspired. But we still do it because we need to "eat". And then maybe we'll read the Word and it will be an amazing time where God intimately speaks to us. But again we must wake up the next morning and do it again.

This is how I will build up my strength. I have set a challenge (because being competitive is in my nature) to read the bible daily. It might not seem like I'm getting much from it. I might only read a few verses and it might not taste that nice. It might feel like a chore (as cooking sometimes does) or it might be like eating a certain someone's famous brownie. But what I do know it will definitely be like is eating food. I will unintentionally and unknowingly by sustaining my body.

And that is how I plan to go from zero to hero.

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