And Jonah stalked to his shaded seat
and waited for God to come around
to his way of thinking.

And God is still waiting for a host of Jonah's
in their comfortable homes to come around
to His way of loving.


you who drink this water will never thirst again

I am the stranger in the shadows
I am the sleeper at the wheel
Am I the choice & the anonymous voice
That says none of it's real

I've heard the footsteps of the hungry
I've heard the breathing of relief
I heard the scream of a mother in a dream
But that could have been me   

I walked out to the grieving ocean
I lay down by the thirsty sea
I found a man there dying without water
He looked just like me

I have come from the walls of worry
I fled the wounded streets of war
I walked a thousand miles in the wrong direction
But what was it for?

I am a chorus of the guilty
I am the water on the ground
I am collectively the face of the lost
Who want to be found
We drink to love and deception
We drink to charity and greed
We drink to numb the very thing we've become
when its water we need