funky funk funk

I've been in a bit of a funk.

I used to believe that I loved winter (I am unsure of my current standing). Winter means that I can wrap up warm and cosy, stay indoors listening to the wind and the rain, I can sleep cuddling a hot water bottle, enjoy some time with my family, and just, well, chill (no pun intended). But in reality, or at least this time round, it's been a struggle and I am already yearning for the signs of spring. The warmth from indoors is not doing it's job - the heat pump is only drying out my skin - and my heart remains cold. For obvious reasons this is not good; for when the heart is cold neither does the bloodstream run warm. And my being does not do well under said conditions. My being needs life and light and humour and hope, but instead is receiving death and darkness and depression and despair. Oooooo, over-dramatic unintentional alleteration (see how easy it is to please my soul...c'mon winter that's all I'm asking!).

Like I said, just a bit of a funk.


You know that moment when you've already said "pardon?" like three times but you still have no idea what the person said and so you just decide to nod your head in agreement hoping that it'll be adequate enough to change the topic...well, that happened to me today.

The end. (Yes, really, that it is all.)

So again, I kiss your feet for the lack of a 'real' post and will bow out of this one with this: