well, my mama told me

Yesterday I caught up with a friend. We had lunch at a cafe and then walked along the beach. So far - nothing out of the ordinary. Until we came across this wharf:

I don't think that I'm such an off-the-cuff type person. I'm not so crazy and daring.
But yesterday; yesterday was one of the those days that happen once in a blue moon for me. I'm gunna try and make it the norm.

Wait for it, wait for it....

We jumped of this wharf. In our clothes.

Well not quite. Believe me, we really were going to, but it was low tide and the water was only up to our waist. So instead we swum far out towards those mountains. But still. In our clothes.

The whole time I couldn't help wondering why we don't do this more often. And I don't just mean going swimming despite the fact that its highly overcast, we have no towel, no bikini, and lots of people are watching us. But everything and anything. Grab the freakin bull by its horns.

Because its fun. Its liberating. And its God.

"My Mama told me there'll be days like this."
- Van Morrison


let me sing you gentle songs

Once when I was away from school I arrived back the next day to find that someone had changed my computer desktop background to some random red car.

I work at a primary school and I know you're not supposed to pick a favourite student. But I hard out have one. This kid wins flat out; no questions asked.

If I could take him home I really would.

Today he got himself worked up into hysterics - shouting, swearing, and crying like I've seen no other kid cry. The was no real reason for it, or at least none that we could gather. Despite what he said I don't think he was necessarily mad at anyone in particular. He was just mad. At life. That somehow he knows it isn't how its supposed to go for him. I think he was crying because life is unfair and we just didn't get it.

It broke my heart. 

Why have I had to so good when people everywhere seem to be worked up into hysterics because life isn't treating them how it should?

Why is it that the first thing that newborns do is cry? And we wait, we hold our breaths, until we hear the sound that means they are really alive.
Today was a sad day for me. I was reminded how awful this world can be. How opposite it is to how God intended it. It's just not right. Today I mourned.

As does He everyday.



Today I ran through the rain and jumped in deep waters.
As part of my life = beauty conviction.

" Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."
- Grandma Moses