counter-bumped hip

Don't ya just hate those.

I swear this happens to me at least once a day. Not necessarily my hip, but counter-bumped pinkie toe doens't have the same ring to it. Actually, thinking about it, why would my pinkie toe have hit the counter. Door frame-bumped pinkie toe. Just proves my point.

But seriously, probably once a day or every other. In fact, just this afternoon I was looking behind me at a child who was following me, and kinda bumper car-ed into the door frame I was walking through. I was subtle. The kid still laughed.

It kinda cracks me up too. Obviously after the pain eases because 'shut the front door' does it hurt - luckily the shock of the random agony seals my lips shut or else my imaginary curse jar would be over flowing. I don't know if it's cos I'm clumsy or cos that door frame, table corner, or wall has moved since I last saw it.

I'm counting on the second.

Luckily it's the sort of thing that's not surgical. Yeah, sure it hurts like crazy. But only for a minute max. Shake it off, and you're good as gold.

Life has been a little like that for me lately.

I have my fair share of counter-bumped hip moments, but nothing that my God needs to come in and swoop me out of. Not saying He can't or won't.

Just that He doesn't need to. And that makes both of us smile.

"Why can't you ever see
What's in front of you."
- The Quiet Kind


And in one little moment, it all implodes.
This isn't everything you are.
Breathe deeply in the silence; no sudden moves.
This isn't everything you are.
Just take the hand that's offered, and hold on tight.
This isn't everything you are.
There's joy not far from here, right? I know there is.
This isn't everything you are.