everything has changed

1.30am in the morning. that is the time that i finally decided that enough is enough and willed myself to sleep instead. my mind was not allowed to wander anymore as it almost hurt too much to look back. to me it seemed bizarre that every year I find myself saying "this year went so fast...I can't believe it's already Christmas...where did the time go?" Because at 1.29am this morning I realised that when you look back on it, a year can actually feel like a lifetime.  everything has changed.

and then this morning at a service i was reminded of a promise that i believe He gave me one day in the past 365. the story was of noah. but my mind kept drifting to the symbol of the covenant that God gave His people - that He gave me.

who do you believe when you can't get through, through smoke.
when everything you know seems so untrue. through smoke.
when I'm lost in a place that I thought I knew. through smoke.
give me some way that I might find You, through the smoke.
- through the smoke, needtobreathe

last night my heart could not contain how everything had changed.
but yet where there is darkness let the light come.

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