bel far niente

bel far niente; the beauty of doing nothing.

Sunshine = holiday reading. Or maybe for us in Auckland it should be rain/overcast days = holiday reading. In which case I've had the opportunity to do quite a bit. I've just finished reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's filled with stories of her travelling to Italy (every page I read made me dream of going even more! A definite top bucket list candidate.), India and Indonesida, in the search for answers to living with Truth and peace.

Gilbert raised an interseting idea that every single city in the world has a word to define it. May it be power, or faith, success, relentlessness, sex, conformity, pleasure, fighting, devotion,  family, etc. It reminded me of one of my posts a little while ago about colour, and how you could use a colour to define yourself in a similar way. The colour I used for myself back then was aquamarine olive green - a naturally dirty colour. But many months have past since then, and thankfully I'm in a very different place. I've decided that my colour for this season is one of two. Either a teal paradise blue or a burnt amber red. I'm free but it's warm. I feel comforted and yet released all at once. 

Believe me, it's a good way to be. 

I feel like God has allowed me to run free. He's unleashed me into one of His fields where I can skip around in the long grass and do nothing. But it's still His field. The fences that enclose me here still belong to Him. And He is still, very much, the Shepherd of His flock. 

In less poetic terms: I haven't been reading my bible, nor have I been praying all that much. But God is meeting me elsewhere. My summer has been full of beauty. Beautiful friends. Beautiful sunsets. Beautiful art. Beautiful drives. Beautiful music. Beautiful laughter. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful conversations. Beautiful photographs. And for a person like me, a season like that becomes captivating. God has let me off the hook because He is everywhere I look. I could not search for Him more even if I wanted to. If I dropped my 'colour' notion and picked up Gilbert's defining word idea, I think I would have no other option but to define myself under gratitude. Because God has been far too good to me. I'm far too busy "being blessed" and I have no idea what I did to find such favour in Him.

You will chase me, no matter where I run to.
So I am ready to meet You; I'll be ready to meet You. 
I do realise that this season is special and tomorrow could be another day. This year is going to be all about study and discipline and humbly learning many different lessons, so please shoot me if I do not soak up all this "busy being blessed" while I can.

I just want God. I want God inside me. I want God to play in my bloodstream the way sunlight amuses itself in water.
From the centre of my life, there came a great fountain...

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