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I was at work the other day when a brother and sister came up to the office. I was just asking another child how his school camp had been.

"What was the best part about camp?"

His full grin reply - "everything."

Did he not understand the question? "No, no, you have to pick one thing to be your favourite."

This is when the brother and sister stepped into the conversation. They both would have been younger than ten, but I noticed there was something about them. They were bright. But not in the typical I-go-to-the-library-and-do-all-my-homework-before-it's-due type bright. I can't quite put my finger on it. They just were.

"But everything's the same," they said.

It was in a 'why does he have to choose' type tone. These less than 10yr olds were putting me in my place. They informed me that everything is one-thing. So, no. He doesn't have to choose one single favourite thing about camp because camp, as a whole, as one-thing, was the best thing about camp. He understood the question perfectly.

Everything's the same. 

They continued on, telling me how everything is connected.

"See", the girl said, "that chair you're sitting on is connected to the floor, which is touching this wall, which I am touching."

"Yeah, I'm in China right now."

"I'm at the Grand Canyon."

What really made me laugh was when the girl told me she is, in actual fact, standing ontop of me.

Although there are obvious flaws in their philosophy I think they were onto something. There was some pearl of wisdom in what they were saying.

Everything's the same.

Everything is part of something bigger. It all add's up. The small things matter because they are part of the bigger picture. All those small moments that seem insignificant are really a part of the main attraction. There is no part but just the whole. Because everything's the same. You will find a connection to things if only you look for them.

"Fortunate are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing."
- Camille Pissarro

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