The Wise Man

Whoever it was that said 'knowledge is power' was a wise, wise man. They will forever be honoured by me as The Wise Man. They're welcome.

I am currently studying hard to become a teacher. Hopefully, a good teacher. So obviously I hold knowledge pretty high on that pedestal. But. There's this catch 22 with knowledge - because knowledge is power.

You see, what good is it to have knowledge and then do nothing with it? Un exemple est: what good would it be for a scientist to find the cure for cancer tomorrow and instead of telling the necessary doctors, he retires to Croatia? Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is one thing, but what you choose to do with that knowledge is another. It's kind of a make or break thing. You could graduate with a kajillion (my maths is incredibly bad, so I'm just gonna say this is a couple of place values higher than a million) degrees and still be the most foolish person in the world if that is all you do.

"Well mister, what is it that you're planning to do with your kajillion degrees worth of knowledge?"

I guess in some ways the world would seem nicer if you were unaware and oblivious to things - if you weren't educated in any subject, if that person never told you that secret, if you tuned out when the conversation turned to politics, if you never saw what you did, if you chose not to look at that receipt that shows you were charged an extra $3.20 (because I mean $3.20 isn't exactly enough to make you drive all the way back to the store but it is enough to annoy you for the next half hour) or if you didn't know the polar caps were melting. All these things might still be happening - but you would be non the wiser. That old saying "what they don't know won't hurt em" might be appropriate.

But you are educated, you do know, and you did find out. And now, my friend, the power rests with you.

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