i wonder...

i love love love walking through the city. there are so many people to watch (and much different to people stalking or people staring - both are big no no's...appreciated by no one).

and so, as i was walking down this busy city street i thought to myself (being zero percent judgemental and one hundred percent curious):

"i wonder where that person is going? that man looks very serious...i wonder what he's thinking about right now?...work?...family?...finances?...the education system?...rugby? where have you come from? why is that man wearing a jacket that is fluro? what made him think 'yeah, i'm gonna buy this' when he picked it off the rack? have you just arrived or are you leaving? what's your chosen mode of transport?...bicycle?...train?...or are you about to get into that car that is parked on the double lines? what made you decide to break the law? you two are cute. how did you meet? i wonder why that child is and not at school...did their mum let them skip?...is it their birthday and they are out celebrating?...tourists on holiday? well then, ciao to you. but why on earth did you choose auckland of all places to visit? what brings you here to pass me this very second? what's your story? are you thinking about mine?

and so on and so forth...this really was just 30secs from my thought train of my entire walk through the city. and you know what, i never once got tired of it. and i think it is so incredibly and entirely ridiculous that i could only think about one person at a time and yet the street was crowded (i missed 99.99999% of all people on that one street at that one time on that one day) and yet this is happening millions of times over all around the world. there are stories everywhere that i know nothing about. imagine italy... croatia... thailand... istanbul... 

flip, God has the best job ever.

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