My worst ever night with God, was literally the worst ever night - bottom of the pit, swirling in a pool of anger, yell at a chair, type of worst ever night. I was mad, I was selfish, I was unapproachable, I was unconsolable, and I was right.

But do you notice something about all that. It was my worst ever night with God. What's worse than worse ever? Nothing. 

Can you see it? 

Can you see what I'm saying?

I'm only guessing you answered 'no' to both these questions due to my poor writing. So read these lyrics below and hopefully you'll start to pick it up. Yes, it's a popular song and yes, the content is questionable but please forgive me because it's catchy and I like to bob my head to the tune. Also, it's kinda country sounding and I like me some country.

"So this is it? I sold my soul for this?
Washed my hands of that for this?
I miss my mum and dad for this?

No. When I see stars, that's all they are
When I hear songs, they sound like this one, so come on
Oh, come on. Oh, come on. OH COME ON!

Man, you wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from
Some terrible lies..."
- Some Nights, Fun.

I italicised and bolded the important bit so you wouldn't miss it. 
You see my worst night ever with God was literally the worst night ever. And you know what?!...you can't get lower than the bottom of the pit! It's like saying 'to infinity and beyond'...come on Buzz, what can possibly be beyond infinity?

And when you reach that lowest possible point, there's no where to go but back up. "You wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from some terrible lies." I thank God for my worst night ever because something amazing has come of it. I am less idealistic, I am more in love with Him, I am open to ideas and dreams other than my own, I feel a sense of maturity in my faith, I don't sweat the small things, etcetera, etcetera. And would you believe it...I'm okay. 

"Hallelujah, I'm caving in
Hallelujah, I'm in love again
Hallelujah, I'm a wretched man
Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance.
And I am always, I'm always, always Yours."
- Always, Switchfoot

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