A while ago I was driving with some friends through a nice neighbourhood - we were on the way to a popular beach. When I say 'nice' I am referring to top end houses who people with flash cars, a beach-house, and helicopter own. One of my friends pipe up, "Kate, I can totally see you living here one day". I was a bit confused by her random statement and asked what she meant. "It's just your type of place...it suits you".

Now I don't know what you're thinking but I was offended. Like majorally offended. God calls us to live a simple life...Jesus being the perfect example - a wanderer, and at times home-less. It was simplest living at its best. It's living with risk and instability. And I AM COOL WTH THAT.

God does not call us to live a life with a 'nice' house, in a 'nice' neighbourhood, with flash cars, a beach-house, and a helicopter. So for my friend to say that it suits me...ouch! If you're going to put me in a box please do not let it be that one. I felt like she was calling me a Pharisee or a tax collector - sure, Jesus still loves them immensely, but I want to be called a disciple. I want to be called genuine, selfless, loving, approchable, authentic, and...peculiar.

I want to live the peculiar lifestyle. I want to be a peculiar person. May Peculiar be my middle name (hey, I even get to keep my same initials!).

Holy = set apart.
Holy = different to the rest.
Holy = peculiar.

Dear friend, please never say that to me again.

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