Rhubarb Lane.

I love people. And I don't mean that in "a kind word to a friend is a penny in the hand" kinda way- although that too. Except for the fact I tots misquoted and said that all wrong. So sratch that. Not 'although that too' because I don't even know what that is. I now just thought that I could've deleted this whole thing and started again and we would be none the wiser, but I'm gunna re-read this and I think I will appreciate my own humour. Good one, Kate.


I love people. I know it says in the bible "love your neighbour as yourself" and "love your enemies". But this is not what I mean. I mean, I do love people like that but thats not where I'm going with this. (Sorry - struggling with my words tonight. Please accept this apology. I'm choosing not to filter and its obviously treating me well.)

My point is, I just. love. people.

I love their bits and their uniqueness and their rants and their awkwardness and their facials and their comments they think no one hears and their quirkyness and their words. I just love people. People are friggen cool.

I love that God made us like that. So different. So unique and awkward and quirky.

I love that I can drive a person in a car and have a conversation with them about how much they enjoy Jane Eyre, and I feel like I'm talking to a prestine woman of another era. And I love that I can watch a person become a dancer as they pop their shoulders so beautifully I wanna cry like I did when the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan (when really he was a swan all along!). And I love seeing a persons eyes grow so big and come alive when they are talking about the different types of spray can lids - the most liget thing ever. And then I love that no one really knows what I'm going on and on about here because they are not me. I FRIGGEN LOVE THAT!

I think in a world where stalking was not frowned upon then that's what I'd be. I just watch people. (Wow, can't believe where this one's going. I kinda wanna start filtering now because I'd quite like to swap the word 'stalking' for something else entirely. But I'm going to stick to my guns. So just embrace it people - we're all about the quirky tonight. Please still be my friend.) But in all seriousness...I remember being in Thailand and I wanted to sit on the step next to the road and just take my time watching people. It was so interesting that I can't even explain it properly. I felt like I didn't have enough eyes to take in what everyone was doing, to follow everyones life, to see how a person was in the world. I had my camera and I tried and wanted so badly to capture it through my viewfinder but I was with a bigger group and was rushed and I didn't have the time to sit on the step next to the road. If I could go again I will do just that.

But that's how I kinda feel like tonight. That people are just so so interesting. And I feel so happy to just watch people be in this world. And I feel close to God in moments like this. Maybe the closest I've felt to Him in the past few years. No lies.

He is creative, and creation, and creator. And so it is no wonder that I feel like I'm right next to Him when I'm seeing His people as He sees them - different, amazing, incredible, unique and sometimes dorky.

So just go be a person. That's all you've got to do. Just be.

Well that, and also go do what you love.

Peace out. xo

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  1. love that. and i know EXACTLY what you mean. i love people-watching with Jesus. i love seeing all His weirdness and beauty and intricacy nestled inside millions and millions of people. it reminds me that i am not the centre of the universe, but i am still IMPORTANT because a very unique part of Him lives in me and me alone.
    also, love the not-filtering thing. you're hilarious. love u friend xx