a few of my favs.....

i like chocolate icecream
i like to spend hours watching the stars dance
i like vintage polaroid cameras
i like the colour white
i like road trips
i like spontaneous moments
i like the feeling of conquering one of my many fears
i like laughing out loud, even when no one else gets it
i like listening to foreign accents
i like lying in my bedsheets fresh off the washing line; they smell like sunshine
i like scrapbooking
i like my overly weird kittens
i like the people who trip up in public when they're by themselves
i hate it when that person is me
i like hope99
i like banoffee pie
i like it when i see old couples holding hands
i like isaiah 54 and joel 2
i like watching home videos
i like the feel of waves washing up on my feet
i like dancing in my living room when no one is watching
i like being a little ocd
i like to watch rain drops hitting the window
i like being a south aucklander - even though it has not made me any harder
i like inside jokes
i like board games
i like winning those board games
i like having good coffee with good friends
i like long eyelashes
i like real strawberry icecream melting down my hands
i like siestas with my sister
i like finding quotes that, if only for a second, changes who i want to be
i like thunderstorms
i like being different
i hate it when everyone tries to be the same
i like black nailpolish
i like that i over-analyse every. little. thing.
i like missions
i like flowers delivered to my door
i like to unwrap my christmas presents that my mum thinks shes hidden
i hate surprises
i like making 'to-do' lists
i like to be organised
i like popcorn with melted marshmallows
i like indie music
i like re-reading the txts that i have specically kept
i like jenny and anja
i like coming home from the gym with the feeling that i've done something good
i like house-sitting
i like getting lost
i like it when people laugh at my lame jokes, even if they didn't think it was funny
i like the idea of living in New York; i don't mind that it's never going to happen
i like going for walks
i like Him
and i like him
i like learning a new song on the guitar
i like nana naps
i like doing the fist pump and secret nod with sinead
i like bloc party
i like walking through the airport with a suitcase
i like things to be perfect
i like taking photos that even i am surprised with
i like kikki.k
i like ray bans
i like spending hours looking through a cute, secondhand bookshop
i like the moments when i am caught up in worship
i like william fitzsimmons
i like my conversations with my grandparents
i like mascara
i like grey's anatomy marathons
i like dusk
i like to take twenty minutes to bungy jump off the harbour bridge
i like baking
i like winding my window down while im driving and singing my favourite songs
i like cleaning
i like to cry in movies
i like that im gulliable; it means that i'm trusting
i like tim tam slams
i like not being able to put down a good book
i like to have something to be excitied about
i like diet coke
i like finding out something about myself that i didn't know before
i like hearing good news
i like being a new zealander at an all blacks game
i like sunsets
i like art galleries
i like not caring about what others think
i hate that this is not something i can do
i like japanese food
i like nigella lawson and giada de laurentiis
i like renting movies
i like 1/2 hour showers
i like it when a boy does something gentleman-like
i hate to think that those gestures are long gone
i like iced tea
i like the numbers 3, 9, and 11
i like cliches
i like joesf muller-brockmann posters
i like 'ten thousand angels' by caedmons call
i like croatia
i like that im a morning person
i like silence
i like that these are just a few of the things that i like


  1. omgosh i totally did one of these the other day but never posted it cos i thought maybe it would be boring for others to read, but i hardout liked reading this...so maybe i should post it? but you totally stole some of mine.
    but kate: "i like cleaning"?? i like that you're weird :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this too! I loved 'i like being a south aucklander - even though it has not made me any harder'
    hahahahahahaha xxxxxx