The Silver Lining

I am learning the lesson well and good of trusting in God. It seems that with every sideways glance I have yet another thing to hang my mouth open in wonder. 'Can it be so?'

Just the other day I was on a walk with a friend, and I was blabbing on about all my so called "doubts and concerns". But I looked over my shoulder and there was a perfectly shaped rainbow. It was one of those ones that arched across the whole sky...one of those ones that takes your breath away. And I was reminded of our promise that we were given.
A promise to be looked after.
A promise that we will no longer be punished.
A promise of our enemies being overthrown.
A promise that with every cloud comes a rainbow.

I didn't really believe in the idea that every cloud has a silver lining.
"Was I decieved, or did that sable cloud
Turn forth her silver lining on the night?"
- 'Bleak House', Charles Dickens
Am I decieved? Or can it be so?

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